Pan Ramajay

The spirit of Ramajay, a “sweet alluring sound,” bursts forth from the very first note sounded by the members of Pan Ramajay.  With every subsequent note, its music glorifies the pan, Trinidad and Tobago’s contribution to musical history- but in a startling new way.  Pan Ramajay skillfully blends a light jazzy sound with the roaring excitement of Trinidad’s 100-player Panorama bands, along with an eclectic combination of influences from Latin America, Brazil, and even contemporary classical music. 

Pan Ramajay’s repertoire is composed principally by members of the band.  Their cultural diversity includes a number of tunes in the contemporary jazz mode, homegrown renditions of Trini calypsos, and the adaptations of actual Panorama arrangements.  The result is a colorful and energetic approach to contemporary Soca and Latin styles, written specifically to feature the tonal range and abilities of the pan.  These multi-talented musicians combine their prodigious experience in wide range of world music to create their own compositions, as well as honoring the traditional Trinidadian pan by performing works of steel drum masters Ray Holman and Len “Boogsie” Sharp. 

Pan Ramajay came together when University of Akron alumnus Tom Miller, a former member of Andy Narell and Pan Attack, joined forces with Alan Lightner and Jim Munzenrider to heighten the performance of steel drum music for the concert venue.