David Rudder

David Rudder No Trinidadian needs an introduction to David Rudder. As Daisann Mclane wrote in the Village Voice, Rudder is "a national hero on the order or Marley in Jamaica. Fela in Nigeria and Springsteen in New Jersey." Critic Wayne Brown adds, "Rudder represents a new generation of Trinidadians.

The spirit of rock, and the spirit of blues coming and going In the mainstreams of his kaiso. Non-Trinis should know that Rudder - often cited as the Bob Marley of soca" - is one of the most beloved calypsonians in the world. To capture his stature as a singer-songwriter you'd need to combine the lyrical genius and topical authority of Bob Dylan with the on-stage charisma and spiritual force of Bob Marley.

Currently. Rudder is riding a high wave or popularity with "High Mas," the runaway hit from the Trinidad Carnival and the #1 hand is the English-speaking Caribbean for over six months. Rudder has beast mainstay in calypso music since he exploded onto the scene in 1986 by winning all three of the Big Carnival contests in Trinidad: Calypso Monarch, Road March Champ, and Young King. His tunes "Bahia Girl" and "The Hammer" were #1 songs of the year and he continues to produce his songs and Cd's. He is an international superstar performing frequently in Paris, London, New York, and Toronto, as well as throughout the Caribbean.